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Packages IP Video Surveillance System

Key Features

  • Rugged environmental housings
  • Heated interior system for climates down to -40°F
  • NEMA 6P rated enclosure
  • Temps from -40 to 120°F
  • Interfaces to existing IP video surveillance software systems
  • ELAN web hosted video storage with surveillance alarm management
  • High quality video transmissions over licensed mesh networks, point to multipoint wireless networks, as well as cellular systems
  • Integrated DVR with WI-FI provides access to stored video via 802.11 technologies
  • Can be mounted on street light poles, walls, corners, or parapet mounts
  • Antenna options include horn antennas, sector antenna, omni, and yagi and camouflaged antennas for integration into existing background such as brick, utility poles, and others
  • Options include underground video surveillance of tunnels and structures with wireless video transmission via manhole antenna cover

product data sheet

Packages IP Video Surveillance System

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