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ELAN Industrial Broadband Wireless Products

The ELAN-MW5TM radios are spectrum and data rate scalable, which enables service providers to have greater flexibility in network planning and future growth.

Access Point

The ELAN-MX3™ Access Point is a Point to Multipoint (PMP) base station product designed to operate in the 3.3-3.8 GHz spectrum and supports 3 different Duplex architectures.


The WiMAX-2004 compliant CPE allows service providers to offer broadband wireless services to customers in Non Line of Site (NLOS) locations.
The ELAN-MW6TM is a full featured microwave radio for the global telecommunications market. The ELAN-MW6TM radios include a state-of-the-art single chip modem ASIC.

Half Duplex CPE

All CPEs in a service provider network are completely manageable remotely by ELAN’s carrier-class Network Management System using SNMP protocol.

Ethernet Bridge & Serial Gateway

This incredibly small Ethernet Bridge and Serial Gateway provides robust wireless communication of simultaneous serial data and IP/Ethernet packets to extend serial data and IP networks.
Access Point

ELAN-MX5™ consists of fixed broadband wireless access equipment (Access Point and CPE) for Internet, data, multimedia, video, voice, and other emerging IP based applications.

3.65GHz Freedom Node

The ELAN MESHTM 3 .65GHz Freedom Node with mesh connect option is currently the best affordable layer-2 solution on the market today.

ELAN Packaged Solutions for Utility Automation

The Elan SCADA IN-A-BOX™ spread Spectrum Telemetry Package is at the heart of Elan Environmental’s line of intelligent monitoring solutions.

Packaged IP Video
Surveillance System

The system can interface to existing IP Video surveillance software systems or new enterprise software, as well as new ELAN web hosted video storage with surveillance alarm management.

Extreme Low Power Series

Numerous, integral features provide the functionality users need at such locations: Push Messaging via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text and “pull” messaging using SCADA protocols such as Modbus efficiently ensure complete access to site information for all users.

Manhole Antenna Cover
A unique solution for monitoring sewers and other underground utilities: a composite cover that functions as a bi-polar antenna for manholes and vaults. The antenna cover is ideal for communicating with below grade instrumentation.

Real Time Collection
System Sluice / Weir Gate

ELAN Technologies automates the Plasti-Fab sluice / weir gates with the use of sensors and remote communications throughout the collection system to optimize collection system capacity.
UrbanWorX Software
UrbanWorX is  an  advanced  software  platform  that  ties  together  the  ELAN  Urban  Network  Solution  (UNS)  application  suite  and  presents  a  consolidated  management  approach  for  remote  asset  monitoring  including  distribution  automation and SCADA. 

Remote Real Time
Sewer Monitoring

ELAN Technologies offers innovative, custom open channel flow monitoring solutions to meet any flow application and regulatory requirement. When you have a tough application or for info on fixed sewer flow monitoring systems, contact ELAN.


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