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ELAN-MX3 access point

Key Features

  • WiMAX Compliant (802.16-2004) Robust NLOS operation in 3.3-3.8GHz bands
  • FCC approved for 3.65GHz operation
  • Supports Full Duplex FDD, Half Duplex FDD or TDD operation
  • Comprehensive Quality of Service (CIR, PIR, Priority) and VLAN support
  • Integrated GPS for TDD synchronization


  • Maximizes revenues (high spectral efficiency with aggressive re-use)
  • Minimizes CAPEX (low cost, easy to deploy)
  • Robust, field proven platform


  • Data applications (High speed Internet access, VPN, VLAN, Video Conferencing)
  • VoIP applications (SIP, CAC)
  • Video Broadcast (IGMP)
  • AMI Backhaul

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ELAN-MX3 access point

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