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Thomas Kirkland - President
Mr. Kirkland has over 16 years of progressive experience in radio communications design including interface requirements for SCADA and Distributed Control Systems. This experience includes detailed design of integrated hybrid communication solutions incorporating multi-point to multi-point communications methodologies, communication gateways, and redundant communications interface for Distributed-Control Systems (DCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Experience includes FCC licensing coordination, radio propagation studies including computer simulation and physical field surveys.

Responsibilities include technical services and value engineering of communications design for Instrumentation and Control Projects, relating to all aspects of communications including radio equipment selection, antenna mounts, repeater sites selection, and structural engineering coordination for tower sites. Mr. Kirkland provides construction submittal review, inspection, and onsite troubleshooting as required by the project and clients, Mr. Kirkland can also assist in the negotiation and coordination of repeater and tower site selection with the local carriers and owners, including inter-modulation requirements, lease requirements, and advanced planning meeting customer deadlines.

The process areas of his experiences include Wastewater, including collection systems incorporating combined sewer and sanitary sewer overflows, and sewage lift stations. Potable Water Systems including all water tank structures, and distribution, PRV’s, Booster Stations and Pump stations. Gas and Electric Utility process areas include gas storage fields, gas flow computers and electric distribution. Municipal Wireless Broadband Networks for public safety, mobile data, fixed data, over wireless TCP/IP Ethernet networks.

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