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ELAN Technologies
ELAN Technologies is a multifaceted design engineering and manufacturing company providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for municipal, government, and investor owned utilities.

The ELAN philosophy of one industrial wireless network leverages available infrastructure for industrial communication with remote assets. ELAN provides industrial grade wireless technologies including WiMAX 802.16d, 802.16e, ELAN-MESH 802.11 (a,b,g,n), point to point microwave backhaul and narrow band industrial wireless for distribution automation and AMI.

ELAN is a participating member company of SGIP for wireless communications. ELAN is a valued contributor for the advancement of Smart Grid interoperability, and specifically testing and certification for all ELAN Smart Grid systems.

Industrial Wireless
Security and Video

ELAN wireless security solutions are designed to provide solid structure with all kinds of applications. Implementation of Security & Surveillance solutions via wireless secured communication lines makes deployment easier and faster. Wireless Security solutions with industrial quality products provide the least expensive and most protected (optional AES encryption) wireless network for surveillance data.

QoS and VLAN support allows your security data to experience no delay or jitter even if you have other data streams transported via the same network. ELAN combines remote site SCADA and Video/VOIP over one industrial network.
Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless Broadband Backhaul solution means high speed Ethernet Wireless broadband link between two locations, such as buildings or towers.

ELAN provides these for the municipal campus setting, including public works and public safety infrastructure. Once broadband links are in place over Ethernet communications, the applications for sharing valuable data between facilities, including mobile data, are limitless.

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